GeoMAPP Informational Partners

The informational partners program is designed to engage a new set of state archives staff and geospatial data managers with the activities of GeoMAPP. The new partners will provide feedback and contribute their perspectives on developing best practices for the preservation and long-term stewardship of geospatial data. Regular collaborative sessions with the informational partners will allow the state partners of GeoMAPP to share the concepts, methods and strategies explored over the course of the project. The informational partners are listed below.

Find presentations from past informational partner meetings below.

Arizona | District of Columbia | Georgia | Illinois | Kansas | Maine | Maryland | Minnesota

Mississippi | Missouri | New York | Texas | Wisconsin | Wyoming

GeoMAPP Partners


Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Arizona State Cartographer’s Office

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Office of Public Records

District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer


Records and Information Management Services - Georgia Archives

Information Technology Outreach Services Division, CVIOG-UGA


Illinois State Geological Survey


Kansas Historical Society

Kansas Information Technology Office


Maine State Archives

Maine Office of GIS


Maryland State Archives

Maryland Department of Natural Resources


Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota Department of Administration, Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)


Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Mississippi Geospatial Clearinghouse


Missouri State Geographic Information Office

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service

New York

New York State Archives

New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination


Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas Natural Resource Information System


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wisconsin Department of Administration


American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming

Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center, University of Wyoming

Informational Partners Meetings
[Presentations in Adobe .pdf format ]
December 2011

Informational Partners Meeting Wrap-up: NARA Geoarchiving, Intro to Geoarchiving Business Planning Toolkit, Next Steps for Geoarchiving Informational Partners NEW

GeoMAPP Informational Partners Wrap-up
The GeoMAPP team led a web-based presentation where Brett Abrams of NARA presented a brief overview of geoarchiving at the National Archives; Matt Peters of Utah AGRC, Joe Sewash of NC CGIA, and Butch Lazorchak from the Library of Congress NDIIPP introduced the Geoarchiving Business Planning Toolkit; and the meeting concluded with Kelly Eubank of the NC State Archives and Alec Bethune from NC CGIA leading a discussion to explore the potential for ongoing collaboration of the Informational Partners following the conclusion of the GeoMAPP grant period.

October 2011

Informational Partners Meeting Focus on Archival Processing of Geospatial Datasets

Archival Processing of Geospatial Datasets

The GeoMAPP team led a web-based presentation and discussion exploring archival processing of geospatial datasets. Lisa Speaker initially provided an introduction to the overall archival processing task flow, based on the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS), and highlighted key considerations regarding processing geospatial datasets. The presentation also presented a model for the archival storage architecture, as well as an object-oriented approach for the underlying archival metadata information model. The introductory material was followed by a Elizabeth Perkes demonstrating the Utah State Archives’ APPX-based Archives Enterprise Manager (AXAEM) system, showing how the geospatial archival process flow and tasks can be implemented and automated with an archival management system. Kelly Eubank wrapped up leading a discussion, and presenting the plans for the final 2011 Informational Partner meeting scheduled for December 8 at 3:00-4:30 EDT. The GeoMAPP team will be sending out a survey to the Informational Partners to get input on their preferences for discussion topics for the final meeting.

July 2011

Informational Partners Meeting Focus on Geospatial Appraisal

Appraisal of Geospatial Data

The GeoMAPP team led a web-based presentation and discussion exploring archival appraisal of geospatial data. The presentation provided an introduction to archival appraisal and then looked at appraisal within the context of geospatial data. The partners presented their legislative mandates for archival authority that prompts appraisal, and an overview of a suggested appraisal process that includes identifying geospatial data to be appraised, often in relation to a geospatial inventory activity, assembling a cross-organizational appraisal team, identifying appraisal criteria or questions, reviewing and assessing the materials, documenting your appraisal determinations, and documenting disposition decisions through retention schedules. The GeoMAPP Partners also described and shared insights from their appraisal experiences.

May 2011

Informational Partners Meeting Focus on File Formats  

Geospatial File Formats

Alec Bethune and Kelly Eubank led a web-based presentation and discussion exploring the Geospatial File Formats quick reference guide the GeoMAPP team is developing. The presentation provided an overview of the organization and content of the Geospatial File Formats spreadsheet, and was followed by an interactive discussion related to responses from the Partners and Informational Partners on a geospatial formats survey, and outstanding questions related to some of the file formats. Following the File Formats discussion, Lisa Speaker provided a brief overview of a late draft of the Best Practices for Geospatial Data Transfer for Digital Preservation, another tool the GeoMAPP team is developing. The meeting wrapped up with Kelly Eubank presenting the plans for the remaining 2011 Informational Partner meetings, including the date for the next Informational Partners meeting, scheduled for July 28 at 3:00-4:30 EDT. The GeoMAPP team will be sending a survey out to the Informational Partners to get input on their preferences for topics for the remaining meetings.

February 2011

Informational Partners Focus on Storage

Storage Options

Elizabeth Perkes led a web-based presentation and discussion exploring storage options for archiving geospatial datasets. The GeoMAPP team and the Informational Partners shared their experiences with a variety of storage media, as well as discussed challenges encountered with various storage implementations. Storage topics included: SAN, Tape, Cloud Computing, NAS, Solid State Disk, Portable Hard Drives, and Flash Drives/CDs/DVDs.

December 2010

Geospatial Archiving Business Planning

October 2010

Data Preservation Techniques

August 2010

State Data Access Solutions

March 2010

Quiz the Panelists

November 2009

Informational Partners Introductions

October 2009

Informational Partners Kick-off Meeting

Welcome to GeoMAPP

GeoMAPP kicked off a new method of project engagement with the creation of an Informational Partners Program. The program is intended to share findings from the project and provide mentorship to participating states. In this web presentation, Jeff Brown, Butch Lazorchak, Alec Bethune, Mark Myers, Elizabeth Perkes and Kelly Eubank explained the role of the Informational Partnership to the new states and provided background about GeoMAPP’s findings and next steps for the project heading into 2010.

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