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If you are interested in learning more about the GeoMAPP grant project, please contact us at GeoMAPP or if you would prefer, any of the team members listed below for further information.

North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA)

Alec Bethune | 919-754-6582 | alec.bethune [at] nc [dot] gov

Joe Sewash | 919-754-6590 | joe.sewash [at] nc [dot] gov

North Carolina State Archives

Kelly Eubank | 919-807-7355 | kelly.eubank [at] ncdcr [dot] gov

North Carolina State University Libraries

Steve Morris | 919-515-1361 | steven_morris [at] ncsu [dot] edu

Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA)

Glen McAninch | 502-564-8300 x242 | glen.mcaninch [at] ky [dot] gov

Kentucky Division of Geographic Information (DGI)

Kent Anness | 502-564-1451 | kent.anness [at] ky [dot] gov

Kentucky State University

Ken Bates | 502-597-7016 | ken.bates [at] ky [dot] gov

Montana State Library: Archives Lead

Jennie Stapp | 406-444-5356 | jstapp2 [at] mt [dot] edu

Montana State Library: GIS Lead

Evan Hammer | 406-444-5355 | EHammer [at] mt [dot] edu

Utah State Archives and Records Service

Elizabeth Perkes | 801-531-3852 | eperkes [at] utah [dot] gov

Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC)

Matt Peters | 801-538-3168 | mpeters [at] utah [dot] gov


Last Modified: 8/5/2011

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