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Project Summary

The GeoMAPP effort aimed to address the preservation of “at risk” and temporally significant digital geospatial content. Geospatial data layers containing information about land parcels, zoning, roads, and jurisdictional boundaries change regularly. Existing copies of these data are often at risk of being overwritten when updates or changes are made and these superseded snapshots of data are then lost for future use and analysis.

In March 2010, the GeoMAPP team released an interim report detailing the project's accomplishments from 2007-2009. Access the report here: GeoMAPP Interim Report: 2007-2009.

In December, 2011 the GeoMAPP grant and project concluded, and the GeoMAPP team released its final report summarizing the project’s accomplishments from 2007-2011, specifically focusing on the second phase of the project from 2010-2011. Access the report here: GeoMAPP Final Report: 2007-2011.

Project Objectives

Project Partners

GeoMAPP was a partnership between the Library of Congress and state geospatial and archives staff from North Carolina, Kentucky, Montana, and Utah. For more information about the project partners, click on the Partners link to the left.

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